5 Attributes You Were Made to Illuminate

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Blog

Overwhelm in our lives usually results from a lack of clarity. With so many distractions, choices, and obstacles, it can be difficult to find focus, especially when it comes to living on purpose. The pace of our world is not conducive to clarity, it must be fought for.

Moreover, your life is worth the fight. When it comes to reaching your highest purpose and living your greatest story, it’s important to be intentional with your direction. Steve Jobs has famously stated that once you have focus, you can move mountains. You were made to move mountains, here are the 5 things you were created to do.

  1. LIVE – It may sound elementary, but don’t overlook it’s simplicity. You were made to live, fully alive, fully delighting, fully engaged. And yet, for far too many of us, we are simply getting by, merely existing and making it through another day. 

Fear of the “what if’s,” lies we believe, and past failures prevent us from life to the fullest. We must never let what has been hold us back from what can be. If you find that joy has left your daily experience, it’s time to take stock of the beauty around you. List 3 things that make you feel alive. Ask 2 of your closest friends what they appreciate most about you. Ask hard questions, like: How have past challenges caused you to play it safe with your future?
  2. ACT – You are made for action. When life isn’t moving in the pathways or timetables that we perceived, we often find ourselves weary and inactive, looking for an escape. Remember that you are made to move forward, to take steps of faith.
    Far too many people simply quit too early, and therein they don’t get to see the fruit that only comes from faith-filled perseverance. Others waste the waiting seasons of life always dreaming of what’s to come, while rarely living fully engaged right where they are. In what ways are you ready to give up? How can you be most faithful right where you are in this season of life?
  3. SERVE – We aren’t designed for ourselves, rather every person is created to serve others. For many, distracted by lesser things, selfish to personal pursuits, or general apathy prevent them from making a real difference.
    There are many good things you can do, your task is to determine what you must do. What good must you bring into the world? Once you answer that quest, choose to live for the benefit of others, regardless of who gets the credit. Then, move forward with divine confidence that you’re doing what you were made to do. For clarity, ask yourself and others what makes you come alive. How will you use that to serve the world?
  4. REFELCT – We must always remember that we are made, created by a skilled artisan. Our Creator lovingly fashioned us on purpose, for a purpose. God wanted something to come about, so you and I were brought to life.
    Therefore, our first responsibility is to ask, “Why did You create me?” Then, our task is to pursue the answer with our all. Thankfully, our Creator designed us to reflect God’s glorious image, and the Holy Scriptures give us beautiful glimpses of what this means. For example, we most reflect our Creator when we display grateful and generous hearts. When our outside living matches our inward callings, and we live with whole generative souls, it’s then that we look like our Designer. What is your relationship with your Maker? How will you seek to learn more about Him? Moreover, how can you show gratitude today and in what ways can you tangibly live more generously?
  5. SOAR – You aren’t made to just get by, to play it safe or to think less of purpose. God made you to soar. When we can see more clearly what we were designed to bring into the world, we become captivated by our purposes. Conversely, comparison and procrastination hold us back.

Trying to blend in or follow the path of another is settling for less. Remember that God made you unlike any other, so your story can’t fully resemble others. Moreover, God desires to make a masterpiece of your days and your gifts. Failures and missteps are inevitable, but don’t let them slow you down. Allow the goodness of God to come alongside you and live your story to the fullest. As you take next steps, consider these questions and challenges: How have you seen comparison derail you from reaching your purpose? Next, ask trusted people to help you see your unique qualities and contributions. List 2-3 next steps you will take to live out your unique gifts. Finally, knowing that God is good and desires to fulfill His purpose for your life, how will this encourage you to stay on course?

Reach Your Highest Purpose
& Live Your Greatest Story

Obstacles we’ve encountered or lies we’ve believed hold us back, and we hesitate. An opportunity slips by, another regret added to the pile. But what if we were Made for More than to play it safe. We feel it in our bones—a call to something better. What if we were made to live?